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News and statements on current topics concerning the energy transition, climate protection and the necessary development towards worldwide wealth.

Functional energy transition vs. German energy transition
Plain and simple: photovoltaic without storage delivers flutter electricity, photovoltaic with electricity storage is a very reliable power supply.

Evolution instead of destruction
I emphasized planning security as early as 1992 in my first book, “Ascent to the Solar Age.” A viable energy transition requires planning security for the economy.

Profitability and actuarial
Insurance costs show how likely a particular loss is and what effort can be made to avoid that loss.

Reason and hydrogen
Investor wants to produce hydrogen in southern Italy with solar power, but has no idea how to transport the hydrogen to Germany.

Like sand in the desert - like salt in the sea
The doomsday sect "Limits to Growth" constantly want to make us believe in a hopeless situation by denying renewable energy and recycling.

Planetary restoration back to 350 ppm CO2
Without a credible CO2 reduction plan, they are climate change deniers, either ignorant or wanting to abuse climate change for their own political agenda.

Improvement of the standard of living
Now let's compare the standard of living of a king 1000 years ago with that of a somewhat poorer family today. Travel, housing, food, entertainment, health.

Instead of 400,000 new apartments per year better houses
The historical data, large houses because of less heat demand/m², large houses require less building material/m² are inaccurate today.

Do you want total ignorance?
With Galileo Galilei, total ignorance concerned only things that were meaningless to the common citizen. The Inquisition refused to look through a telescope.

My 91 minutes in mastodon hell My 91 minutes in mastodon hell
The result of the Mastodon experiment raises an old question again: How long would great political figures like Willy Brandt and Helmut Schmitd have survived in today's SPD?

Cleaning up the PR department
3 years ago, I was still dreaming of inviting Greta Thurnberg as a star guest to the opening ceremony. But Greta's PR value has since fallen far into the negative.

NGO does not want a higher standard of living
If I understand it correctly, people are to be kept there as in a large open-air zoo. Example of "saving, restricting, doing without".

Off-Grid Fair Augsburg
The new vision for somewhere in the middle of nowhere: Every few weeks, a Tesla Semi semi-truck comes by with a tanker trailer, gets charged up, and picks up the methanol it produces.

The Emperor's New Clothes
The effects of the cancel culture were visible at this press conference: no critical questions, everything that is said, simply written off nicely.

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